01. May 2019 to 31.July 2019

UW Photo Workshop Weeks


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What are the goals of the UW Photo Workshop Weeks?

Our workshop weeks are aimed at all those interested in underwater photography. We would like to offer beginners with entry-level programs the best possible entry. For experienced photographers we have professional workshops led by experienced photographers. Very special topics are explained here and tried in practice.

UW Photography & Buoyancy

Buoyancy is one of the most important skills in all activities of diving. Especially in photography, it gets a very high priority. Unfortunately, we often see that photographers completely negligible these skill. Partially to get a better photo or because you they just can’t. Here we would like to help with our workshops and train the perfect buoyancy with you.

UW Photography, Reef Protection & Fish Identification

Since long time there has been discussion about the protection of the oceans and everybody agrees that something has to be done. We, as scuba divers and especially underwater photographers, are important ambassadors and must actively contribute to the protection of the reefs. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to this topic with the EcoDiver & Fish Idendification Workshops. This program helps you to know what you are photographing and on the other side it will strengthen your environmental awareness.

UW Photography for Beginner

Many divers start with underwater photography and are rather disappointed with the first results. But even att the beginning of these popular hobbies good results are possible. With these workshops we would like to offer you an easy introduction to underwater photography. We show you owh to handling your device over and underwater as well as maintenance of the camera. Another part will deal with image editing.


With the special parts of underwater photography, we offer experienced photographers to extend their knowledge and skills to new areas of these interesting activities. Experienced photographers will show you new techniques in different disciplines of underwater photography. So macro photography will be an important topic. We’ll explain what snooting means and the popular UW Model Workshop focus not on the fish anymore.

Organistors & Partners Workshop Weeks
Ocean Sun Dive Resort

Small family run resort in a quiet location, within walking distance of Tulamben’s dive sites.

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Villa Markisa Dive Resort

Relax in an exclusive atmosphere by the sea & enjoy
individual diving with our fast boats at the highest level.

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Big Fins Technisches Tauchen

Big Fins offers you everything that Tekkies needs to explore the endless depths of Bali’s underwater world. Double Tanks, Stage Tanks, Wings and much more is available. Nitrox can be supplied in all mixes.

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Lichtfang Weimar Professionelle Fotografie

Epic pictures. Professional photography specialized in underwater models, fine art nude, wolfdog and weddings.

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Luminocean connects scuba divers and volunteers – or all who are fascinated by the ocean – with locals to support efforts to protect the seas.

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Banda Sea Förderverein

The philosophy of Banda Sea e.V. is to create a mutual and sustainable coexistence between humans and the marine environment

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Short video from the UW Model Workshop in July 2018
Workshop Sprecher


Mareike HuhnDr. in Marine Sciences, co-founder of Luminocean and Banda Sea e.V.FacebookTwitterInstagram

My dream is to support protection of the coral reefs by doing educational work.


Ajiex DharmaProfessional Dive Guide, Underwater Photographer and UW Contest WinnerFacebook

I show you to see the beauty of the underwater world through other eyes.


Ricardo ThomSSI Instructor Trainer & Manager from Ocean Sun Dive ResortFacebookTwitterGoogle +YoutubeInstagram

Buoyancy is the most important skill in scuba diving and should be perfected by every diver.


Nina KammerscheidSSI Instructor, Underwater Photographer and Operational DC Manager from Villa MarkisaFacebookInstagram

The combination of diving and photography is the perfect way to total relaxation.


Christian ZinkAward winning underwater model photographerFacebookTwitterInstagram

I will show you how to create epic images by combining model and underwater photography.

Ocean Sun Dive ResortFrom 35 Euro per night incl. breakfast

Ocean Sun Dive Resort offers 10 identical bungalows surrounded by tropical garden and a nice view to volcano Agung. All bungalows have air conditioning, hot water and WiFi access.

Email me: booking@ocean-sun.com
Villa Markisa135 -290 Euro per night incl. full Board for 2 person

Enjoy your vacation in a luxurious and private atmosphere in one of our Deluxe Rooms or the Deluxe Bungalows with beautiful, tropical garden bathrooms. The sea view throughout the resort makes the stay a very special experience.

Email me: reservation@villa-markisa.com
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